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Website Design & Marketing Solutions In Birmingham

Whether you are looking to create a digital strategy for your business or are in need of a website design company in Birmingham, Eze Digital Marketing Birmingham offers an all-around approach to your online marketing needs.

When it comes to creating a website design, we know that there is far more involved than the simple creation of a site.

It is about growing your existing brand image, enhancing long-term customer engagement through consistency and ensuring all of the bases are covered when it comes to bringing traffic back onto your site through multiple avenues.

We are one of the leading Web Design and Local SEO agencies in Birmingham, The West Midlands. Our responsive web designs have been crafted out of careful consideration of factors that can influence user experience with your brand.

This will increase the chance that visitors not only leave with an impression but also return for future business ventures with you instead!

We specialise in high-quality, feature-rich responsive WordPress sites that will help you grow your business and reach your intended target audience.

We’re located in Birmingham but work with clients across the UK to address their needs. Our highly skilled designers are committed to developing websites that are creative, eye-catching and showcase all your business’s best features.

We ensure that all the latest web standards for Local SEO, security and performance are adhered to throughout the build!

Our web development services include:

Website design and online marketing for small businesses in Birmingham. Mobile-friendly website designed to increase your customer engagement on the go!

Online brand identity and logo creation that helps you establish a strong presence among competitors.

We provide our services to businesses in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. Start-ups, eCommerce companies or existing online brands looking for an experienced web design & digital marketing agency based near them!

Our Website design and development team can help you with:

  • Google Analytics Setup for your website.
  • Website redesign & brand refresh services to keep the site up-to-date!
  • Effective Local SEO strategy which helps increase organic traffic on your business’s website.

We offer highly effective solutions that will help you get more customers. Check out our Marketing Map

affordable web design Birmingham

We provide a wide range of website design services including brand identity, eCommerce and mobile friendly websites. Based in the West Midlands, we work with local companies to help them grow online by designing custom built responsive websites that are easy for customers to use and search engines to index.

Our web developers are all trained, experienced professionals with a proven track record of delivering results. We ensure that our web designers are constantly up to date with the latest web design techniques and standards, allowing us to offer you the very best service available anywhere in Birmingham.

We know how important it is for your website to attract new customers and keep existing ones coming back, so we work closely with you to understand your business objectives before designing a website that is effective.

Affordable Web Design in Birmingham
Affordable Web Design Birmingham

eCommerce Websites

More and more businesses are opting to sell items via eCommerce since it’s quickly become the norm in many industries. eCommerce stores are growing an impressive 70 times faster than traditional brick and mortar stores.

In the past, shopping was a physical activity, but as technology has improved, online shopping has become a trend. Today, there are many different online stores to choose from.

eCommerce has been growing at a rate of 15 – 25% primarily because people find it easier to buy online and the internet is accessible virtually anywhere. The ease of access and the convenience of shopping online have made it a preferred option for many people.

What is Our Mission?

Our goal is to create a user-friendly, interactive online store that will have your customers coming back for more. The internet has become a major marketplace for both buying and selling goods and services. The unfortunate truth is that there are many eCommerce sites that go live without a plan for success or failure to execute which can lead to business failures.

From simple, clean templates to fully managed eCommerce websites, we have the right solution for your needs.

Local SEO Services Birmingham

Birmingham businesses are turning to local SEO solutions in order to get more traffic on their site. If you’re looking for the best local SEO company, look no further than Eze Digital Marketing.

Local SEO services are designed to help businesses rank higher in their respective areas. When you work with us, you’ll get access to our complete suite of marketing services that can be tailored to your needs.

Why Do I Need Local SEO?

The SEO landscape is constantly changing. Competing for local search rankings can be a frustrating experience, especially if your business doesn’t have the budget to compete with national brands on Google Adwords or Yelp ads.

When customers are searching locally, they want results that fit their needs and wants perfectly—and fast!

Local SEO plays a huge role in improving your website’s visibility and generating more traffic from search engines. This helps you boost local rankings, increase site engagement, and get new customers through the door of your business!

If customer loyalty is important to you and it should be for any small business owner then it’s time to start investing in local SEO.

In order to do this, we will be able to provide you with a range of services, including:

Local SEO Audit – This service allows us to look at your website and identify any problems or opportunities for improvement. We’ll also be able to find out if you’re doing any of the simple mistakes that can adversely affect your local SEO results.

Local Search Engine Optimisation – This is where we will be able to optimise your site in order for it to rank higher on search engines locally. We have a number of different services that we’ll be able to offer you, including content creation, link building and more.

Social Media Marketing – If your business is on social media then this will help you to get more traffic through these channels. We’ll also be able to look at local listings that can help you rank higher on search engines.

Digital Marketing Birmingham

Mobile Optimisation – This service is designed to help you rank higher in mobile SERPs as well as making your website more user friendly for people who are browsing from their mobiles. One of the main things that we’ll be able to do is make sure that your site is mobile friendly.

PPC – We can also provide you with local pay per click advertising, designed to get more traffic and leads on your website. This will be done by optimising your listings across Google and Bing so that you’ll appear higher in the search engine rankings.

If you’re looking for more traffic on your website then contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

Google Maps Local SEO Services
Local SEO East London

Google My Business Optimisation Birmingham

We at Eze Digital Marketing Birmingham are so thrilled to work with you. One of the ways our team will help get your business discovered is through engaging digital marketing campaigns that are guaranteed to generate results. People are being found in many different ways nowadays but the most effective way is still through search engines like Google Maps

At Eze Digital Marketing Birmingham, we provide you with a very effective way of having your business listed in the top 10 local search results. Our Google Maps and Local SEO campaign will help your business gain an advantage over competitors, you’ll be able to reach more customers in the location where they are!

Our Web and Marketing Services

Budget Web Design

Sometimes it is better to be able to opt for a more budget-friendly solution when it comes to website development. Instead of going for a custom development, you can choose from our many pre-built templates instead! Our experts have created beautiful designs so you don't have to worry about a thing when choosing a template for your site.

Performance Web hosting

Great web hosting is easy to come by when you work with us. If you want a reliable, fast and secure site, we can help you achieve all of this with our specialised web hosting solutions and with the inclusion of SSL certificates.

Search Engine Optimisation

Excellent SEO for Birmingham businesses, Local SEO is not rocket science, but it is time-consuming. Many business owners cannot keep up with all the changes in this field. Let us focus on your SEO to let you focus on your business. We provide local, national and international SEO services to help you reach new customers.

Social Media Management Birmingham

Social Media Marketing Birmingham

Social media is one of the most important marketing tools available to businesses today. Creating a social media strategy for your business can help you build stronger customer relationships, boost your online presence and increase sales therefore vital that your business engages with its customers on social media.

Managing your social media accounts can be time-consuming for businesses that don’t have the time or expertise to do it themselves. Our Social Media Manager will help you create a social media strategy for your business.

Our digital marketing services include:

  • Social Media Management.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Social Media Audit.
  • Social Media Strategy.
Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Website Design & Local SEO FAQ's

An internet business without a website is like a shop with no entrance. The website is the main gateway for your business to reach out to your clients. The idea is to make your business known to your potential clients and customers.

To do this, you must make sure you have a functional and well-designed website. Aside from that, you must also make sure your website is constantly updated.

The amount of time it takes to build a website depends on the complexity of the project. Most projects take about 6 weeks.

Yes, you are the owner of the content on your website.

Yes, you can edit any page on your website.

local SEO is a process of optimising your website to rank in local search results.

Local SEO is the process of getting ranked for relevant searches that are done by people who are looking for businesses near them. This is a type of SEO that most businesses overlook, but it can be extremely beneficial to your business.

This is because people will find you on Google and call or visit your store. The more relevant searches you rank for, the more traffic youll get from local search results. Local SEO is an important part of any online marketing strategy as it helps bring in customers who are close by and ready to make a purchase right away.

Here are some benefits of local SEO: It helps your business get found by people who are looking for you locally.

This means more customers and sales! It can help boost your websites organic traffic, which is free advertising. You will also have a higher chance of converting these visitors into paying customers.

Local SEO helps drive new clients to your store, so its a great way to reach out to new prospects in the area. It builds trust with potential customers because they can see that you are a local business. This will make them more likely to buy from you. The main reason why people search for businesses online is because they want to find the best deals and products in their area. They also want to know what other customers think about your business before making a purchase or visiting your store.

Local SEO helps with both of these things, which means it can help increase sales!

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool that allows you to create and manage your business listing on Google. It’s the first step in optimising your local search presence, as it gives you control over how potential customers find out about your business online.

Google Maps SEO is the process of optimising your Google My Business listing to rank higher in local search results. It’s a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy, and it can be very effective if done correctly.

There are many reasons why using GMB can be beneficial for your business:

GMB allows you to create a detailed business profile that includes your address, phone number and website. This information is then displayed on Google Maps for users searching in your area.

You can add photos of your business, which helps potential customers visualise what it’s like inside before they visit.

You can add hours of operation, contact details and other important information about your business directly from GMB. You don’t have to rely on third-party platforms to display this information.

GMB allows you to create a link between your website and Google Maps, which helps search engines crawl your site more effectively. This can lead to higher rankings in local search results.

You can respond directly to customer reviews on GMB, which gives you the opportunity to build trust with potential customers before they visit your business. It also allows you to quickly address any issues that may arise during their visit (such as an incorrect price or incorrect information).

GMB allows you to add a link to your website in the ‘About’ section of your business listing. This can help increase traffic and conversions from local search results.

Social media has become an essential tool for any business whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation. It provides companies with the opportunity to engage directly with their customers, listen to feedback and build relationships that can transform them into loyal clients.

Aside from the obvious benefits of social media marketing including brand awareness and increased sales, there are other benefits you may not be aware of.

Social media can help in the search engine rankings of your website. Social signals such as likes and shares can improve your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and increase the number of visitors to your site. Some social networks, such as Facebook, have a very high impact on SEO results.